A new wedding concept for modern couples.  With minimalism in mind, you can enjoy all of the traditional aspects of a full scale wedding, but with a condensed approach. With 20 of your closeset family and friends, you will enjoy an itimate ceremony with officiant, a cocktail hour with champagne and toasts, bouquet & boutonniere, music to dance to, delicious passed hors d'oeuvres, a contemporary cake, fully designed venue space, wedding coordination, and photography. 

Less stress, less money, but still Instagram worthy.  This fascinating trend allows couples to prioritize intimacy and personalization. 

Tiny weddings will be hosted in the antique milking barn and will last for a lovely 2 hours, leaving the rest of your wedding day to enjoy other experiences in our coastal community, return to your fullfilling day to day life, or whisk away to your jaw dropping honeymoon (which you can now afford because of all the money you saved with a Tiny Wedding!) 

Certain couples, such as second weddings and vow renewals, are finding great comfort with this pocket-sized party. 

Every couple has a unique wedding vision. Some dream of the grand affair, with all of the pomp & circumstance that lasts for days on end. Others prefer to abbreviate the adventure and streamline the occasion, without sacrificing any of the quality. By eliminating the stress and investment of a traditioanl wedding, your memories will consist only of the immense love you shared on that day.   


Big Love, Tiny Wedding


The Tiny Wedding Team:

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